There is no excuse for anyone to drink “bad” coffee

There is no excuse for anyone to drink “bad” coffee

There is no excuse for anyone to drink “bad” coffee and cheap does not mean cheerful when it comes to the future of our industry.

Sustainable sourcing is about meeting the needs of the present without compromising the future.

In this respect, when searching for the right coffee, we are as interested in the environmental, social and ethical factors as we are in the quality and price.

Whilst taking assurance from the fact that all our coffee is sourced from locations with clear domestic legislative regulations, we also choose to visit our farmers to see first-hand just how such processes are implemented in practical terms.

Having visited coffee farms and cooperatives in Africa, South America and India we have seen how responsible farmers recycle water, protect soil systems and forests and care for their workers.

We have seen how pickers and their families can be supported and empowered whilst having access to health and education services. We are very proud to support the charity “Grounds for Health” who undertake lifesaving preventative health care services in coffee growing communities.

In short, we select coffee from those who share our passion for coffee and our commitment to support the long-term future of our industry.

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